Schumacher: There is no reason to break out our euphoria

Friday, January 27, 2017، 03:30 PM ، 6 months and 21 days 12 hours and 31 minutes before

Köln Vice-President prefer to enjoy their current situation.


The 1. FC Köln has finished seventh place in the table before winter break. The fans are dreaming of European competition but Vice-President Schumacher has no rush into it.

According to Goal, Toni Schumacher Has a lot of experience and knows the environment around The Billy Goats very well. He told Bild about the Köln situation:

There is no reason to break out our euphoria. We are playing our third consecutive season at Bundesliga and I found already the courage to do something more in our team but last season we finished at ninth place and right now we are at the 7th place, and that's great.

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