Jalinous: I would prefer to play for Iran- Ronaldinho is my role model

Sunday, January 15, 2017، 08:22 PM ، 8 months and 7 days 19 hours and 4 minutes before

Dawoud Jalinous (17) talks about his love to Iran.


Fussball90: Where are you from originally? I mean which city in Iran. Where were you born and Where were your parents born?!

Dawoud Jalinous:

I was born in Eggenfelden in Germany . My mother was born in Germany too but my father was born in Iran .

Fussball90: What do you know about Iran generally? Have you ever been in Iran?!

Dawoud Jalinous:

I know a lot about Iran and especially of the history of Iran. I love Iran and the culture. I know a lot about the people and the attractions in Iran. Unfortunately I have never been in Iran

Fussball90: Do you follow Iranian Football?! Which team do you prefer in Iran?!

Dawoud Jalinous:

Of course I follow the Iranian football. I’m a big fan of Esteghlal Tehran

Fussball90: Iran or Germany?! Which one do you prefer to play for?

Dawoud Jalinous:

I would prefer to play for Iran because it’s a big dream of mine and of my father.

Fussball90: You play as a left wing most of the times, Is this your favorite position on the field?

Dawoud Jalinous:

Yes I love to play left winger but I also can play right winger and central offensive midfield.

Fussball90: You have a brother named Darius, Why you don’t play in a same team?!

Dawoud Jalinous:

Darius is older than me so we had never the chance to play in one team.

Fussball90: Where did you play before Augsburg? RB Salzburg? Why did you leave there?

Dawoud Jalinous:

I left RB Salzburg because of the school system and because I wanted to play football in germany.

Fussball90: Dirk Schuster sacked by the club, Why did that happen?! That was really surprising!

Dawoud Jalinous:

I don’t know!

Fussball90: Do you have any offer from the other clubs right now? Did Augsburg give you any offer for the first team?!

Dawoud Jalinous:

Sorry but I don’t want to talk about my offers from another clubs. But i can say that i will give everything to get an offer for the first team of Augsburg

Fussball90: Why Ronaldinho is your role model?!

Dawoud Jalinous:

Ronaldinho is my role model because he's the most skillful player that I have ever seen. He’s a magician in my eyes it looks so easy when he touches the ball .


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