London pass for Bayer04

Friday, November 4, 2016، 08:13 PM ، 9 months and 15 days 15 hours and 55 minutes before

German team signed the pass card of the next round in London by a good performance.


Bayer Leverkusen and Tottenham had two hard and important matches that the german team by gathering 4 points beats the english rival. But it's not all story of this game because after good results of Monaco in this group it is hard for Tottenham to come back again to the main competition.

Bayer Leverkusen just has 2 points more than Tottenham but the programed and effective play of german team in all last european games shows than they can qualify to the next round at this season.

At the first match of Bayer Leverkusen against CSKA Moscow they were close to the victory by two goals but their weak performance in defense didn't let them to have their first 3 points and shared it at Bay Arena with Russian club. After that unsuccessful night they had an important match in Monaco and again they lost the victory and full points in last seconds of the game with a beautiful distanced try of Kami Glik, the Monaco player at the 95th minute goal. Being unlucky was written in their match against Tottenham again, when they had several dangerous opportunities to beat the English team in Bay Arena but at that night the God was beside the Pochettinos team and had an important chance for Tottenham to put Werkself in a hard situation into the future games.

The Match in London for Bayer Leverkusen was very important because with loosing the points in this game they would have seen themselves far enough to the next round of Champions League.

They started the game better and in first ten minutes they put themselves close to lead the game. The most effective tactic that Roger Schmidt asked from his players was pressing hard in to the ground of Tottenham. It worked and several times they put the Tottenham players in troubles and let the german team to has their pressure closed to Hugo Lloris the goal keeper of Tottenham.

Eventually Kevin Kampl used his opportunity as well as he should done to make a big relief for Roger Schmidt and all german fans. Last wednesday in London was the gate of Next round for one of this two teams that Tottenham couldn't use this hosting opportunity and now they see themselves in a hard serious trouble.

Good performance of Bayer Leverkusen in Champions League and attacking system of Roger Schmidt in all of this last games can help the german team to taste the next round, a willing that last year they were unable to make it with bad luck.

Now just they had two more hard games in a very cold Moscow and their own stadium that can put Schmidt's team in top of their hard trained days that they passed. The game that they made in Wembley Stadium wasn't a common and regular game but an important game that signed the pass card of the next round.

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