Exclusive Interview- Hahn: It´s my dream to play for Die Mannschaft again- I feel very happy in Mönchengladbach.

Monday, October 31, 2016، 06:31 PM ، 10 months and 23 days 20 hours and 52 minutes before

Andre Hahn answered to some of our questions.


Fussball90: You started a really tough route for reaching the current level you are at. Koblenz, Kickers and finally Augsburg and Gladbach in Bundesliga. Wasn’t it easier to continue with Hamburg and make your way to their first team? Why you didn’t stay there and Do you believe that they can survive this season too?!

André Hahn:

When I was in Hamburg they told me they want to give me a new contract and that they have plans with me. But at the end of the season Hamburg got a new manager. At the end they decide nobody would get a new contract and that I don’t have a future in Hamburg. That’s why I had to change club and start new. Hamburg went through difficult years in the past. I hope they can stabilize, because it´s a big club with a big tradition.

Fussball90: You are sometimes playing as a striker in Borussia right now and that is the position we have problems in Die Mannschaft. Some of The Iranian Fans say that you are one of the best answers to the offensive problems in Germany national team. Do you prefer to play as a forward, a winger or a second striker? Can you see yourself in Germany jersey again?

André Hahn:

I prefer to play as a forward or second striker, because than I am closer to the goal. But at the end it´s not that important on which position I play. I just want to help the team to be successful and win as much games as possibles. It´s my dream to play for the german national team again. I will work hard for it and give my best. But at the end it´s the decision of the coach.

Fussball90: How is Andre Schubert like and what is his difference with Lucien Favre or Markus Weinzierl? About Eberl (The man that We Iranian love a lot!) and Gladbach future, What is your team goal for this season and for the future? Can we expect any title in the next few years?

André Hahn:

I don´t want to compare the coaches. Everybody has his own way and his own philosophy of how to play football. I´ve learned much from every coach. We just want to play a good season, our goal is a single-digit table place at the end of the season.

Fussball90: Die Fohlen has always produced great talents like Jupp Heynckes and Lothar Matthaus. Can we expect to see some other talents in the future? Is there any name from your youth squad that we should know about?

André Hahn:

Our club has the best preconditions for the development of young players. The past has proofed this. I think we have some talents in our club who have the ability to make it into our first squad in the next years. But it´s a tough way and they must work really hard to make that big step. So it´s hard to predict who will make it at the end.

Fussball90: Will you stay at Borussia Park for the next few years? Can you imagine to play abroad? Do you currently have any offers from other clubs?

André Hahn:

I just can say I feel very happy in Mönchengladbach. There is a family atmosphere in this club, we are playing international since some years and took to a good development with good performances in the last years. That’s why I don´t think about other clubs at the moment. I just want to focus on Borussia and be successful with the team.

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