Another interest from La Liga: Real Madrid gives green light to Chicharito!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016، 04:07 PM ، 10 months and 2 days 5 hours and 57 minutes before

La Liga clubs won’t leave Javier Hernandez alone!


Chicharito, the goal-machine at Bay Arena is feeling really happy in Germany. His performances attract lots of club’s attention and La Liga clubs are interested in the Mexican striker mostly.  

According to fussballtransfers, after Valencia CF and Sevilla FC now Real Madrid is eager to get Javier Hernandez back to Bernabeu. Santiago Aguado the president of Real Madrid expresses his interest in Chicharito to Fox Sports

Yes, I'd like him to return. Because we know that he's a great player.

However it seem that the his return to Spain is unlikely, specially a return to Real Madrid.

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