Hoffmann won’t give up!

Thursday, October 6, 2016، 04:56 PM ، 10 months and 14 days 5 hours and 8 minutes before

Jonas Hoffman is not still a main choice for Andre Schubert.


There has been some rumors around Jonas Hoffmann and he was repeatedly linked with a change in winter. According to Fussball.news, Hoffmann wants to stay and fight for his place in Die Fohlen squad.

I won’t run away. I will definitely remain at Borussia. Even if I am not able to play one more game I won’t walk away. Sometimes you just need a little more patience. (Hoffmann told Bild)

The 24 years old midfielder who left Borussia Dortmund last summer, believes that Andre Schubert will use him finally.

Preparation for my new location was actually perfect. I have already spoken with the coach, he sees me more in the center of the pitch. Many great players had some hard days. I can prove myself at Borussia.

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