Fussball90, Exclusive interview with Bundesliga Fanatic: Money has never been the biggest problem at HSV; Ingolstadt and Darmstadt are in danger of going down

Friday, September 2, 2016، 03:50 PM ، 11 months and 18 days 20 hours and 37 minutes before

Niklas Wildhagen answered our few questions.

Fussball90. Klaus Michael Kühne promised that he will inject 50 million euros for HSV transfers. How they can use this money when we have 50+1 rule in Germany? And do you think they can become a giant and contender again in the next few years?
I think money has never been the biggest problem at HSV. The fact that the club has had several strong figures sitting on the board, all of whom had different ideas of where to take the club, has caused major problems over the last few decades. HSV Plus has changed that, but so far the club hasn't really managed to live up to the high expectations that the fans and the media have had in the past. However, it seems like the attitude has changed somewhat and Bruno Labbadia and his team had a very calm and collected season.

The money in question is certainly going to help Didi Beiersdorfer to buy players of a high calibre. Right now the club is linked with the likes of Filip Kostic to give you an example. This season will truly show if they can continue on the positive path from last season and if they can establish themselves as a top half of the table side.

As for the 50+1 rule: It establishes that the clubs in the Bundesliga must be owned by its members, but it doesn't say anything about gifts or loans from wealthy benefactors.
Fussball90. Do you think Robert Lewandowski remains in Bayern? Should Bayern extend his contract at all? (Because he start negotiating with Real Madrid while he is a Bayern player)
I think he'll stay this season. Lewandowski's agents have gotten a bad wrap over the last few years given the way they have peddled their client and given how trigger happy they seem to be when it comes to transfers. Right now I think that Bayern do have a choice. His contract runs a few more years and he's a vital part of the team. It would be madness to sell him now, given that there isn't a necessity to do so.
Fussball90. Frank Baumann is the new sport director of Werder Bremen, Do you believe that is a good choice for Bremen? Can they change their horrible situation?
Well, right now Baumann is picking up where Thomas Eichin left off. The transfers of the likes of Justin Eilers, Niklas Moisander, Petsos an Diagne have all been promising and intelligent moves. However, it stands to be seen if they can replace the likes of Vestergaard and Ujah. The fact that both of these players were sold for a lot of money means that Werder can do something in the winter transfer window should they see the need to act.

Frank Baumann is a Werder legend and knows the club inside out. Furthermore, he has been working in the backroom for a number of years. Given that the club wanted to replace Thomas Eichin with an in house solution, Baumann was probably the best candidate. Many of the transfers in this transfer window have been deals that were either started or already completed by Thomas Eichin. It stands to be seen if Baumann has the savvy and the network to form a good team in the upcoming transfer windows.

His biggest decision he has already made tho: He has decided to extend Viktor Skripnik's contract by another year. He might regret that, if Werder don't pull off a good start. Nobody at the club wants another stop and start season like last time around after all.
Fussball90. Kovac brothers did a nice job last season and survive with the eagles! Can be successful next season and can they buy 4 to 6 players they promise? Do you know any of their target players?
In their first few weeks the Kovac brothers defined Eintracht's style of play through hard work and graft. It barely worked, however, that is what you have to do in the fight against relegation.

Now that they are getting a few of the players they wanted at the club and now that the new season starts, it stands to be seen if they can develop a unique style of play and if they can form a team that plays great football. It's a big question mark for me, as both of them have only worked at national team level. Doing such a thing there is one thing, doing it with a club team is something different entirely.
Fussball90. Hannover and Stuttgart relegated last season, Do you think they Can promote this season again? Which team in Bundesliga.2 is great now? 
I think both clubs have the resources and the fan base to get back to the Bundesliga. However, given the fact that there are big changes within those squads, it's difficult to tell if the teams can work out perfectly from the get go. Too many changes take often too long a time to bed in and sometimes a club needs to spend more than one year in order to get back to the Bundesliga. I do think tho that both of them are going to be back in the Bundesliga within the next two or three years.
Fussball90. Dirk Schuster left his lovely team and replaced Weinzierl place in Augsburg. Do you think that he can be successful in his new position? Was he a right choice for Reuter and his team?
I think he can. The fun thing about this move is the fact that he now works with a squad that is far more talented and that can play more positive football than Darmstadt were forced to play last season due to the lack of ability within that team. Given the fact that Schuster is young and the fact that he has a very pragmatic view of how football should be played, he should be a perfect fit at a club like Augsburg. 
Fussball90. Who is the most loyal player of the Bundesliga? Name 5 if you can’t choose!

1.Clemens Fitz. I can't believe that this guy still keeps going and how good he was in key moments for Werder last season.
2.Alexander Meier. Just extended his contract by another year. Has been very important over the last five or six years and has gone through thick and thin with that club. Very impressive.

3.Philipp Lahm. One of the longest serving players in the Bundesliga, could have joined the likes of Barca and made more money, but decided that he is Bavarian through and through.
4.Benedikt Höwedes. Has been at Schalke for over 9 years now. There have been several offers, but he stayed on nevertheless.
5.Christoph Heimeroth: Second choice keeper at Borussia Monchengladbach most of the times, but still he has decided to stay with the club for over 10 years now.

Fussball90. Who is the best player of Bundesliga? Name 5 players if you want!
1. Thomas Müller
2. Philipp Lahm
3. Jerome Boateng
4. Marco Reus
5. Robert Lewanowski

Fussball90. Which team do you think will relegate this season?
I think both Ingolstadt and Darmstadt are in danger of going down. Furthermore, I wouldn't put it beyond Hertha, Werder and Köln to be involved in the battle against relegation. I think Werder have the biggest chances of being stuck down there once again.
Fussball90. Who is the best current sport director of Bundesliga?Why?!
Christian Heidel, without a shadow of a doubt. He developed a plan to get Mainz to the Bundesliga on his laptop during a training camp in Cyprus. Back then the club was fighting against relegation in the second tier. Look at what a legacy he has left at the club. Simply magnificent.
Fussball90. Does Germany have plans for establishing some academies in all around the world? Can we have hopes for a German Academy in Iran?!
Clubs from Germany are scouting young talents from all around the world, and in the cases of the bigger clubs they are also trying to establish themselves abroad. However, I don't think Iran would be the biggest market of concern for those clubs. If anything, a club like Bayern would probably try to break into bigger markets like China or India. If a star player from such a player could play a pivotal role for a club like Bayern, the economic forces within those countries could drape the Säbener Strasse in gold.

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