Fussball90, Exclusive interview with David Nienhaus: You have to take your hat off for Schubert!

Thursday, September 1, 2016، 03:06 PM ، 8 months 6 hours and 54 minutes before

David Nienhaus answered our few questions. (2016, July, 1)


1-What is the long term goal of Gladbach? They are in Champions league again and they break the income amount record (financial) but Eberl still looks for young talents, his and club philosophy. Isn’t it block the road to success?

David Nienhaus:

Manager Max Eberl created a very special term for Borussia. Translated it is: Mönchengladbach has to close the season on single digit. This is understatemant. Actually his team reached die Champions League and the Europa League four times in the past five years. Playing in Europa has to be the big goal for the club. Even if there are five to seven financially stronger clubs in the Bundesliga. Gladbach is financially sound, but looking and developing young players is the philosophy of the club. They made a virtue out of necessity. Despite Bayern Munich there’s no other club who can prevent players to leave the club for bigger teams. Even Borussia Dortmund loses his stars to Bayern and the clubs in Manchester. 

2-Schubert had crisis in away matches (Away match syndrome!) and had lots of ups and downs last season. How do you see his future in Gladbach? What is the expectation from him in club? Do you think extending his contract was a correct choice?

David Nienhaus:

André Schubert took over when Gladbachs Lucien Favre lost control of the situation and left the club. With little tactical changes he started a winning streak and lead the club in the champions league playoffs. You have to take your hat off for this scope! But of course there were a lot of ups and downs during the season especially in away matches. It will be very interesting to see if he can  mark the team with his philosophy and if it’s successful with it. But there were and still are a lot of rumors on this job. I’m not sure if he’ll be Borussias coach at the end of the season.

3-How much distance does Gladbach have with another title? With the fast progress in last 4 years, Can they become a giant like 70s?

David Nienhaus:

Short answer: As long as there’s Bayern Munich in this league, Borussia Mönchengladbach will not win the championship. Maybe the DFB-Pokal. But Gladbach can compete the other teams reaching rank 2 to 5. 

4-EBERL, EBERL, EBERL! We really love this man in Iran! How do you describe his performance generally? How many more years he will be in his position?

David Nienhaus:

He is a great guy. He’s authentic, always friendly and a good and reliable guy. And he is successful. In the beginning there were a lot of critic. But Eberl delivers. Actually Borussia extend his contract to 2020. This is a basis of trust and the right direction for the club.

5-About Christiansen situation, Can Gladbach make his contract permanent?

David Nienhaus:

I talked to Max Eberl a few days ago. He loves to make e permanent contract with Andreas Christensen and the club ist ready to work through to the pain threshold. But as far as I know 20 Million Euro will not be enough to get Christensen from Chelsea. 

6- What was the reason of the crisis of last season start with Favre?

David Nienhaus:

Let’s not look back. Let’s talk about the future. In short words: Lucien Favre wasn’t satisfied anymore. It was not the first time he wanted to retire from his job at Borussia. 

7-About this new TV Rights contract of Bundesliga. Can Bundesliga Clubs start to spend lots of money on players with the rules in Germany?

David Nienhaus:

We’ll see. But the difference to the Premiere League is still huge. But yes, there’s a lot of money from season 2017. And indeed the clubs will spent more money. In my opinion it’s really shitty for the clubs in the 2nd devision. But that’s a completely different topic.

8-Xhaka was a DM with a great passing ability, Do you think Kramer and Vestergaard are able to fill his blank position? Do you think that Kramer can be a great player like he was before? With retirement of Stranzl and exit of Xhaka, who will be the leader of Gladbach?

David Nienhaus:

Xhaka is a terrific player, a leader, a outstanding football player and a really good guy. It’s a big lost for the club and he left a void that must be filled. Christoph Kramer is a good player, I know him very well since he was in Bochum and I was the first journalist who wrote that Kramer should be in the national squad for the World Cup 2014. But I’m not sure if he has the leading ability Xhaka has. 

9-Euro 2016! Does Germany win the title?

David Nienhaus:

If they beat italy everything is possible. „Die Mannschaft“ is reigning world champions. It’s their ambitious to be european champ as well. But there’s France who playing a really good tournament too. 

10-Is there possibility for Gladbach to establish an academy of football in Iran?!

David Nienhaus:

Well, this question you have to ask Max Eberl. Who knows? I know Mehdi Mahdavikia very well when he played in Bochum. And Vahid Hashemian is a friend of mine, too. Iran has great talents. 

2016, July, 1

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