Fussball90, Exclusive interview with Paul Verhaegh: I don’t have any secrets for Penalties!

Thursday, September 1, 2016، 02:24 PM ، 1 years and 19 days 59 minutes before

Paul Verhaegh answered our few questions. (2016, May, 5)


1-You were 27 when you joined Augsburg. Why did you join a Bundesliga2 club at that time?

Paul Verhaegh:

I joined Augsburg because I got a great impression from my talks with the club leaders. Everybody was quite ambitious to be promoted to the Bundesliga. Furthermore, as I had only played in the Netherlands before, I was longing for some international experience. 

2-You are some kind of Penalty King! What is your secret of taking penalties?

Paul Verhaegh:

Actually, I don’t have any secrets. I try to focus on myself. I know that the keeper stands little chances if the ball is well targeted and shot with pace.

3-After last season and great results, what happened to your team? Augsburg has kind of reputation for bad starts, But great finishing! Will you survive at the end?

Paul Verhaegh:

We had a difficult season with all the extra matches in the Europa League. However, we won’t be relegated because we have a good team with a wonderful spirit. We’re all determined to fight until the end, so I’m confident that we’ll leave some teams behind ourselves.

4-How is Markus Weinzierl personality? Is he a tactician or a spiritual coach?

Paul Verhaegh:

Kind of a mix of both. He has a very explicit style in his play but as everybody was able to witness those past years he’s also capable of motivating us a lot. Our fans can also see that in the movie “#keinesau” which will be released in a few days: one scene shows the coaches speech before our clash against Belgrad. (Explanatory note: #keinesau is a film produced by FC Augsburg and its media partners to give fans the opportunity to relive Augsburgs Europe League adventure. Translated literally this means “#nopig” and is an allusion to a German saying. It basically means that before the season nobody in Europe (“no pig”) knew a thing about FC Augsburg)

5-What is your future at Augsburg? What is the future of Weinzierl, will he remain at Augsburg.

Paul Verhaegh:

The question of Markus Weinzierl’s remain isn’t one that I can answer. That will be in the hands of the coach and the club leaders. I myself, however, see my future here in Augsburg.

6-Who is the best current player of Bundesliga? Who will win the League and who will win the champions league and Europa League?

Paul Verhaegh:

That is a tricky question. There is so many fabulous players in the Bundesliga. In this season, there’s three names that especially come to my mind: Douglas Costa, Henrich Mchitarjan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. There are others, however, like Müller, Hummels, Lahm or Boateng that have been showing great performances for years now.

I’m sure that Bayern München will win the Bundesliga. Furthermore I think Atletico will be the winner of the Champions League. In the Europe League I’d bet on Sevilla to win the title for the third time in a row.

7-You played for Netherland in Fifa World cup and after that you didn’t make the final squad while you really deserved it, Why this happened? What is the difference between Van Gaal and Weinzierl?

Paul Verhaegh:

The semifinals against Argentina were a sharp game. In those situations you need the skills but you also need to be lucky which we weren’t at the end. 

I wouldn’t like to compare Weinzierl and van Gaal as they are completely different coaches. Weinzierl is still very young and I do hope that he will be able to win many titles. Van Gaal, on the other hand, has been a successful coach for decades. I can reveal, however, that he is a really nice sometimes even funny person and not as harsh as it might appear when he talks to the media.

8-When was the first time that you heard Iran’s name? Can you explain it a little? (In football I mean)

Paul Verhaegh:

I know that the national football team played the World Cup of 2014 alongside with us. I think this is great for a country like Iran, it helps the football there to get more professional. I’ll cross my fingers for them to be able to qualify for the next World Cup in 2018, too.

2016, May, 5

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