Fussball90, Exclusive interview with Frank Lussem: Bayern will dominate german football for the next ten years

Tuesday, August 30, 2016، 03:57 PM ، 1 years and 20 days 23 hours and 28 minutes before

Frank Lussem answered our few questions. (2016, April, 12)


1-What is the main target for Bundesliga?! Is it just for people’s happiness? Because the Financial rules in Germany are so different with the ones in Spain or England. Even with that, Bundesliga teams are really good in Europe. How is that?

Frank Lussem:

It’s surely not only happiness. Even in Bundesliga we talk about one billion Euro per year. The most important things are education of talents and scouting. So you can get cheaper players and sell them for a lot of money to England. Shinji Okazaki for instance costed 1.5 million when he came to Mainz and he left for 10 million Euro to Leicester two years later.

2-What is the reaction and thinking way of German people for Hybrid players? (I mean bi-nationality players like Tah or Boateng) Are the people completely ok with them?

Frank Lussem:

Yes, they are completely okay with them. Mesut Özil for instance was elected as “Nationalplayer of the year” – for the last five years. There is no problem with this in Germany at all.

3-In Iran we have this kind of thinking that Kicker don’t give fair ratings to our players! Since players like Ali Daei or Mehdi Mahdavikia or Fereydoon Zandi and all of other players till now and for Ehsan Hajsafi. Do you agree with that?

Frank Lussem:

Not really. Because we try to give fair ratings to all players. We try…;-)

5- Which teams in Bundesliga are in a right direction of the road of success? Can you name them? Will Dominance of Bayern be finished in the next seasons?

Frank Lussem:

We have to define what success is. Bayern will dominate german football for the next ten years, I suppose. If BVB will make no mistakes, they will be number two. I think, the actual situation is a hint for the next years. Leverkusen, Mönchengladbach, Schalke and Wolfsburg plus one or two surprising teams like Hertha or Mainz now. Maybe Cologne will find a way back into these group.

6-Do you think that Pep Guardiola had any impact on wining World cup 2014?

Frank Lussem:

Yes, players like Neuer, Boateng, even Lahm or Müller developed under his daily work.

7-Why Wolfsburg is a real force in Champions league while they have lots of problem in Bundesliga? Do you think they can reach to semi finals?

Frank Lussem:

At first: they lost Kevin de Bruyne – that is the main reason for their weakness. The next is: A team that is new in the Champions League, often becomes worse in the Bundesliga because the international effort is too big.

8-What do you think of Kiessling and Leno situation? Do you think that they extend their contract? What about future signings for Bayer04, Is there any name that you are aware of?

Frank Lussem:

I think, Kießling will sign a new contract in the next days and Leno can leave the club until the 30th of April thanks to a clause in his contract. If a good club will pay 18 million Euro, I think, he will leave.

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