Fussball90, Exclusive interview with Vincenzo Grifo: Wearing the jersey of the Squadra Azzura is the dream- I slept in Inter Milan bedding as a child

Tuesday, August 30, 2016، 02:22 PM ، 1 years and 21 days 1 hours and 4 minutes before

Vincenzo Grifo answered our few questions.(2016, April, 8)



1-You are one of the most talented players of Bundesliga2, Your technique and ability of set pieces are great and you had a good season with Freiburg. What is your idea about your first season in Freiburg and Will you stay in Freiburg next season?

Vincenzo Grifo:

Well, at the moment we are quite successful as a team and things have been going really well for me as well. But that was not big surprise. I had very convincing talks with the manager, Christian Streich, prior to my move to Freiburg and my game really fits to the club. The whole environment fits as well, my family lives close by and supports me at every home game. I feel great here and my contract extends beyond the end of this season.

2-You are a German born player, Why did you choose Italy over Germany? For the main national team, If someday Germany want you to play, Will you play for Germany?

Vincenzo Grifo:

I was born in Germany, but to me I am an Italian. That is also the reason why Italy’s 1 to 4 loss against Germany really hurt and I had to take some silly talk from the other players the next day. I have already played for the Italian under 20ies National Team and I have always had the dream wearing the jersey of the Squadra Azzura. Maybe that will work out one day, but it is not really an issue at the moment.

3-How your club and teammates motivate yourselves for promotion after tough relegation of last year?

Vincenzo Grifo:

Being relegated last season is no longer concerns the team. I didn’t play for Freiburg at the time and a lot of things have changed since then. We have a really cool team and want to reward us for our hard work this season. We haven’t achieved anything yet, but if we go to our limits during the final stretch of the season, it’s up to us. Our goal is to play in the first Bundesliga next season.

4-You have a close battle for title with RB Leipzig, Who will be champion at the end? Can RB Leipzig become a real force in the future, with their money?

Vincenzo Grifo:

Leipzig won’t be the benchmark for clubs like Freiburg in the future. They have a different range of possibilities. I am only interested in the present; we beat Leipzig a few weeks ago and we are currently in a close battle for promotion to the first Bundesliga with them and Nurnberg. We should not be too concerned with what other teams have or do. We should just focus on our game.

5- Who is your sport idol or model? Is there any player that you like to reach his level?

Vincenzo Grifo:

I slept in Inter Milan bedding as a child and I am still a big fan. I don’t really have an idol. Of course there are great players out there, Messi and Ronaldo for example. I just try to watch a lot of international matches and learn from the best.

6-How is Christian Streich like? Do you have a good relationship with him? Who is the best coach that you have worked with?

Vincenzo Grifo:

Christian Streich is a very honest and emotional manager. Talks with him can be impressive. He really fits to the club and to our team. I have learned a lot from him in just a few months at Freiburg. I am also grateful to Markus Babbel, who gave me the chance to play in the first Bundesliga at a very young age.

7-What do you know about Iranian football? When Ehsan Hajsafi scored that 50 Meters goal to you guys, How did you feel?!  Does your club, watch our football for discovering talents?

Vincenzo Grifo:

Ehsan Hajsafi’s goal was unbelievable, probably one of the best goals this season. Luckily, it was just a minor setback for our team, because we still managed to win the match. I have no idea if our club sends scouts to Iran to discover young talents. I do know that talents have great chances to develop their skills and become professional football players in Freiburg, regardless of which country they come from


2016, April, 8


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